A Midsummer's Nightmare

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Tak jsem při všem tom učení až teď konečně dočetla první anglickou knížku do English February. No, dost řečí a češtiny, jdu se pokusit zplodit souvislý text v angličtině.
A Midsummer's NightmareWhitley Johnson had just graduated. After her graduation party, she woke up with a terrible hangover next to really hot, but absolutely uknown boy. After she ran home, she packed up for usual summer with her dad (her parents were divorced) in a house she grew up in. However, her dad had prepared great surprise for her - he'd moved to Hamilton, small town where nothing happens, ever. Moreover, when Whitley with her dad arrived in Hamilton after long drive, she met dad's totally perfect fiancée, Sylvia, and her two children. Bailey's thirteen years and Nathan...Absolutely hot guy, who had Whitley spent all night after graduation party with. Well, that summer was going to be a serious nightmare.

A Midsummer's Nightmare is a third novel by Kody Keplinger, an American writer whose debut - worldwide bestseller The DUFF - was written when she was seventeen. Anyone who's read The DUFF can recognize Hamilton places and some characters in this book. Instead of way-too-reliable Bianca, the main character of this book is a girl without friends, but with reputation as a slut. That may be shocking, but interesting change for many readers. While someone's reading the book, he's a witness of Whitley's huge change.
In addition, Nathan's totally cute and hot when you imagine him while you're reading. Only thing I could say that's not really good are long sentences about feelings and describing situation during some dramatic part. In that case you just skip that part to figure out what's going to happen, that's why it'd be better to delete it.

Even if someone's English is not so good and he can barely understand vocabulary, the main meaning of the whole book could make him cry or laugh. Seriously, if you're sensitive, you'll cry, because this book really catches you and doesn't want you to live without reading it. That's why I decided to give 5 stars :) Just one more thing - don't decide to read this book when you're expecting hard week at school or work!
Tak, a mám to za sebou, ani to nebolelo! Naopak, docela jsem si to užila:)
Co vy na to? Rozumíte? A četli jste tuto knihu?

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