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27. ledna 2013 v 21:21 | Ronnie |  Ronnie
Většina blogových pisálků o sobě nezveřejní buď nic, nebo jeden článek. To jen já jich o sobě chci napsat celou sérii :D Nejen, že to pomáhá i sebepoznání, ale já prostě chci, abyste mě znali. Abyste věděli, kdo se skrývá pod tou přezdívkou a kdo pro vás píše:) No, tak tady jsou ty články (divných titulků si nevšímejte, je to očíslované podle pořadí).

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


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Saudi hospital investigated over aids treatment, deaths, corruption

A medical team from the hospital has been investigating allegations of human rights abuse at a state-run hospital in northern Egypt.

The investigation by the hospital's doctorate centre, the National Health Research Department (NHRDC) was launched after one of its employees, Muhammad al-Shafi, posted footage and information about what he claims was abusive treatment at the hospital's private facility in the early hours of Friday in front of shocked friends and colleagues.

The doctors who had witnessed Al-Shafi say that while he was being treated, they were repeatedly threatened, physically insulted and physically threatened with expulsion from the hospital if they reported the allegations to their superiors and to the public. They also say that when they went to complain to the authorities, the police responded with excessive force on them, and forced them to sign over their papers without ever being given their names.

Hospital staff who had seen the incident say that the first doctor, who was on duty when the incident occurred, called al-Shafi as soon as he was aware that he was being taken away to hospital; he told him he was being taken there to be treated for injuries sustained while helping a child during an emergency in a building, according to the hospital. This is contrary to the hospital's own security procedures and their own policies regarding medical and mental health care.

Al-Shafi told Al-Azhar TV, a global Muslim theological institute that is known to include some clerics who are considered among the most progressive and progressive voices on a range of issues facing the Muslim world, that the attack was a false accusation aimed at forcing them to hand over their medical records. He also said that the attack was part of a broader campaign of intimidation, according to Al-Azhar's report released Saturday.

The Egyptian health ministry and an NHRDC representative were not available for comment at the time of publication of this article.

The hospital's hospital doctorate has a history of conducting rigorous medical investigations involving the reporting of cases of abuse, according to the website of the NHRDC, a centre dedicated to improving healthcare and health research around the world. But the hospital's hospital doctorate is part of a larger network that also includes the NSHDC. This network, the doctors say, is responsible for most of the cases of alleged abuse reported by Al-Shafi and others about the hospital, the network and the care they are entitled to receive.

The medical staff involved in the case have told Al-Azhar that they will continue to investigate the allegations, the NHRDC says in the video release of the hospital's doctorate. The doctorate's head of medical care, Dr. Anadolu Sohail, a physician o
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Police keen to net tackle shop thieves – but what exactly goes on?

It has all come to light since Christmas, when it was revealed thieves broke into a West London supermarket and stole meat from a freezer.

But what really went wrong?

At least seven stores have closed after receiving letters of concern from their customers since then, and two more are likely to shut for at least three months after they received similar complaints.

A report from the charity Crimestoppers also confirmed the number of shops being investigated has shot up from five to 17 across the country, with some of those investigations being so severe they have forced the closure of up to 14 shop fronts.

They also report that three shops were closed for longer than one week in each of the last three months, including Posh, a popular discount fashion store that closed its doors last night.

And it may be thanks to the internet that shoppers can find out what is going on at their local store, rather than having to rely solely on letters.

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